Two things that should be on every cyclist’s holiday gift list

Riding along the beach near the First Curve of M-116 Sunday night with the GoPro mounted on an old monopod.

My family will tell you that I am either the easiest guy to buy gifts for or the hardest. The easiest because a gift card at Trailhead Bike Shop is what I really want. The hardest because if you want to actually get me a THING it’s like, very specific. This year it’s a pair of the 2012 Schwalbe Racing Ralphs, 29 inch wheels and the ones that are 495 grams, and, oh yea, they were sold out last time I looked. If you’ve got a guy or gal like that on your list and you have some family members in which to pool your resources, one of the items is not cheap. So here are the two things: A fat tire mountain bike, or a GoPro video camera. I took both out on the beach last night and after a season of getting ready for the Iceman, the fat tire Surly Pugsley was a lot of fun on the Lake Michigan beach.

17" Salsa Mukluk 3 on display at Trailhead Bike Shop.

Trailhead sells a similar line of Salsa Mukluk bikes. I was able to ride right off the pavement at a local road end and right down on to the beach, the trail going in was quite soft but still the four inch tires floated right over the soft sand. Once I hit the firm wet sand it was like riding on asphalt, only better. The GoPro has proven to be waterproof, durable and FUN.

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