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Elevation from Garmin 705

Elevation data from Garmin 705

In this age of 24/7 text messages and cell phones that never seem to stop ringing many people might want to use their bike riding time to get away from it all and shed their electronic shackles. If you’re that person, this post is probably not for you. But, you never know, read on…

I finally got a GPS bike computer after farting around with my iPhone and the MapMyRide app. That worked okay but the iPhone is not something you want to bang around on your handlebars or in your CamelBak for too long. It’s also heavy.

Enter the Garmin 705. At 3.7 ounces it’s light and easy to use. I recently rode one of my favorite rides, the Free Soil section of the North Country Trail north to the Big M Outer loop. I have a group of cyclist friends in California that entice me weekly with ride data from the Bay Area. Eighty-five mile loops with 7,000 feet of elevation sound intriguing when you just look at the charts that are provided by the data.

I’m a computer guy, so I like the option of looking at the track I’ve ridden and seeing the elevations and speeds. A heart rate monitor is in transit, so I’ll have more data soon. If you’re interested Trailhead Bike Shop can order Garmin units starting at around $200 dollars.

Here’s the data from the aforementioned ride. Share your local rides on the Trailhead Bike Shop Facebook page.

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