Scott rides a section of singletrack in the desert of Colorado.

Every couple of years we get a bug up our you-know-whats and gotta head off in search of greener, or less green, pastures. In 2007 four of us made a pact in the fall that we were going to celebrate one of the team’s 50th birthday in Moab, Utah, the mecca. By the time it was all said and done there were something like a dozen guys camped out in cabins along the Colorado River having a great time. For some it was the first trip, others had been to the land of red dirt and rocks before. For all it was a BLAST. We made the same trip again in 2009 with some new riders to the sport, and again, SO FUN. In the months that followed we thought maybe we should go somewhere else, the CAMBA Trails in Wisconsin, Pisgah National Forest in NC, Sun Valley. But the lure of the red dirt is calling me again for sure and thoughts of a 2011 trip are spinning about in my grey matter.

We have this trip WIRED, we leave on a Thursday morning from Ludington, and drive straight through to Fruita, Colorado, where they have their Fat Tire Festival the last weekend in April, or first weekend in May. We stay there Friday, Saturday and Sunday, riding every day, and then head for Moab (with a possible last ride in the morning, in 2009 it was 30 degrees out, so we did some sight-seeing in the Colorado National Monument, then bolted to Moab).

The rides take all day, cause we stop for photos all the time.

More to come…enjoy the pictures while we write.

Moab Condo Crew