"Out to Fountain" 50 – Road

An easy pace at the end of the long slog on Fountain Road.

This ride became a long-ish training ride in the summer of 2010 really. It’s a pretty flat spin for 20-plus miles and then there are a couple of hills around Gun Lake and then once you get to Free Soil Road, it’s a pretty flat spin back to Ludington. It’s a pretty decent loop because in the summer the wind blows predominantly from the south west, and this ride has a lot of east-west in it. It’s best done with four or more riders to split up the pulling duties (and have a little fun in the pace line) along some of the longer stretches. Otherwise it’s a pretty tough slog unless there’s no wind at all. Bring lots of water in the heat of summer, you can resupply in Fountain and Free Soil. But there’s not much cover. Sun screen is a good idea too.

Ride Info.
Places to start, Stearns Park, west end of Ludington Avenue, Trailhead Bike Shop, Waterfront Park.
Bike type Road, anything else would be masochistic.
Length, 50 miles
Post Ride Grub, Sportsman’s Irish Pub, Chuckwagon Pizza, House of Flavors.