Timber Creek NCT- MTB

Timber Creek is a beautiful fall ride. The lake about 8 miles in is generally as smooth as glass and the reflection of the trees is always pretty.

The Timber Creek trailhead is located on the north side of US10 about 3 miles east of Branch. A parking permit from the National Park Service is required, they are available at the Baldwin and Manistee ranger stations. Timber Creek is one of the summer staples for TBS riders. The trail is pretty hilly but offers great views along the way. We generally ride to at least “the lake” and sometimes to the top of the hill just over the wide gravel road or all the way to the Sable River. The Sable River is about 12 miles from the trailhead. It’s just on the verge of epic and when you get back to the cars after going all the way, you’re done. Usually. It’s an out and back ride so you can go any distance. There is a road crossing about 3.5 miles out, another about 6 miles out. The lake is 8ish and there is a faint two track past the big climb that is 10 miles out. The section of trail past the big climb is really fast and fun, but there is a major downhill just before the river that you have to climb back up if you go all the way. It’s a fun downhill, but you have to commit yourself to being spent at the end of the ride. The parking area at Timber Creek is part of the Manistee National Forest and requires a permit. Seasonal permits are available at the Baldwin and Manistee Ranger Stations. 

Ride Info.
Trailhead is on north side of US10, three miles east of Branch, in Lake County.
Bike Type, Mountain.
Length, out and back to river is 25 miles or so.
Post ride grub, Branch Grocery has great pizza, beverages and snacks and Emerson Lake Inn is open seasonally.

Map of Timber Creek Trailhead.