South Branch NCT – MTN

Mark B. rips it up on the return trip at South Branch.

If you head south on the North Country Trail from Timber Creek you eventually wind up at the Pere Marquette River and what is officially known as the Upper Branch Bridge trailhead, we call it south Branch. And we call it hilly. This is another out and back NCT ride of varied length. It starts off with a decent climb before you get to a piney plateau above the PM River. Then there is a short section of road, look for the NCT to pick back up again on the right a mile or so down. About 6 miles out you pass Bowman Lake to your left before coming to 56th Street.

Ride Info.
Trailhead is on the west side of South Branch Road just past the Pere Marquette River.
Bike Type, Mountain.
Length, out and back to river is 15 miles or so. Side trips to Bowman Bridge and some roads can extend it another five.