Nine Mile Bridge – MTB

This ride is a good mid summer ride because there's a nice stream to cool off in after the ride.

This ride’s meet-up spot is at the north end of the Free Soil Ride on the North Country Trail. We park here by the river and head up into Big M and generally ride the outer loop. It’s one of those killer rides that starts with about a mile and a half of uphill. The upside is that it ends fast. To get to the entrance of the North Country Trail (and that intersects with the Big M Outer Loop) you ride north up the hill and as the road curves left and there’s a dirt road that goes straight, take the dirt road for about 100 feet and look on the left for the National Forest Service NCT brown signs. We do this one every once in a while late in the summer and jump in the river before we head to dinner.

Ride Info.
Trailhead is on the west side of Campbell Road just before Nine Mile Bridge. Campbell is off Free Soil Road about 5 miles east of Free Soil.
Bike Type, Mountain preferably, but a cross bike or a sturdy hybrid would get the job done.
Length, out and around the outer loop is 16 or so. Adding legs inside of Big M, can add anywhere from 2 to 50…
Post ride grub, Heidi Hof in Free Soil, Delaney’s in Fountain, Sable River Inn on 31 just north of Free Soil Road.

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