Free Soil NCT – MTB

About a half mile in a series of narrow bridges carry you over a swampy section.

Trail open.

The Free Soil trail heading north is a great section of trail for riders of all experience levels. It’s fairly flat compared to most North Country Trail (NCT) rides and it will lead you up to the Big M trails if you’re up for a couple hour epic ride. For faster riders the trail is like a slalom course, or a video game. I’ve ofter found myself going too fast for my biking skills and had to slow down or crash. The trail dumps out on River Road in Manistee County. Going left there and then right on Campbell will take you across the Little Manistee RIver. As Campbell turns west and a dirt road goes straight up a hill there is an entrance back on to the NCT.

Ride Info.
Trailhead is on south side of Free Soil Road just into Lake County. About 8 miles east of Free Soil.
Bike Type, Mountain preferably, but a cross bike or a sturdy hybrid would get the job done.
Length, out and back to river is 15 miles or so. Into Big M with a lap around the Outer Loop is 36 miles.
Post ride grub, Heidi Hof in Free Soil, Delaney’s in Fountain, Sable River Inn on 31 just north of Free Soil Road.