Big M Mountain Biking Trail with PDF map and GPS data

Stopping along the route for a quick photo shoot with the GoPro.

Still working on this page, you could probably write a book on Big M. Great riding. A true hidden jewel.
Here is a PDF of Big M. It’s the map from the trail marathon. We ride the outer loop a great deal. From the parking lot you take the Lumberjack trail to post 4, then 23 through 30, then 33, 17, 34 and back to the parking lot at 35. The JPG you can see the post numbers better and it’s well marked out there. Best trails in Lower Michigan.

Big M Trail Map in PDF format

Been riding up to the Outer Loop from the Free Soil NCT for the past couple of years. Using the NCT as sort of a warm up before riding the Outer Loop. Great trail. Best I’ve ridden in this state so far.