Ludington to Big Sable Point on M-116 -Road/MTB/Cross

There’s always a collection of bikes at Big Sable Point in the summer.

Wide shoulders along M-116 to the Ludington State Park make for a scenic ride along Lake Michigan year-’round, and the hearty locals do just that. It’s not uncommon to see at least one local rider on that stretch of road every month. And in summer the stretch is crowded with campers in the morning who are heading to town for breakfast. If you’re looking for elevation, there isn’t any, so look elsewhere. From Trailhead Bike Shop to the entrance of the Ludington State Park is 7 miles or so, making the ride through the Pines Campground out to Big Sable Point adds two more miles for an easy 18-mile spin out and back. Watch for sand both on M-116 and along the gravel road out to the lighthouse. About 1/4 mile from the light there is a sand pit that swallows up all but the widest tires and skilled riders.

Ride Info.
Places to start, Stearns Park, west end of Ludington Avenue, Trailhead Bike Shop, Waterfront Park.
Bike type, road bikes work from Ludington to the entrance of LSP, then you need something with wider tires for the gravel road to lighthouse. Roadies can make a swing out to the Hamlin Dam for another mile or so.
Length, 14 miles and up.
Post Ride Grub, Sportsman’s Irish Pub, Chuckwagon Pizza, House of Flavors.