Make sure you bring a bike, or buy one for your trip to Ludington

The shop is open by appointment only while Jeff recovers from knee surgery, probably through the middle of April, you can send an email to or use the contact form to the right if you need something.

Shoreline Cycling Club members have completed their work on the 3.1 miles of Cartier Park trails and they are awesome. If you ride both sets of trails twice backwards you can get a 17.5 mile trail ride in, all within a just over a mile of downtown Ludington.

You can park anywhere downtown, the school parking lots, or there is a trailhead at the corner of Rath and Bryant and you can park at the Methodist Church on Bryant, see the map for both locations. If you like the trails be sure to sign up for email alerts for the Singletrack Showdown, a local race that raises money for the Shoreline Cycling Club.




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