Don’t muddy the rep of cyclists

Riding too early can damage trails, and reputations.

Do not give yourself or other mountain bikers a bad name by riding on trails during the spring thaw. The recent warm weather may be melting the snow, but the sub-surface layers of soil are still partially frozen. Trails are critically sensitive to erosion damage at this time.

Currently, water from the melting snow is unable to sink into the soil, so trail surfaces are muddy. Tire ruts help channel this water and contribute to erosion and muddy spots that can become long-term trail damage.

A good rule of thumb is that when the earthworms begin to emerge, the ground is thawed. Please ride on pavement or gravel roads for a few more weeks while the trails properly thaw and dry out. Help us keep trails open to mountain biking by riding in an environmentally sound manner.

If you want to ride and are unsure of the trail conditions, call the park where you would like to ride or check the MMBA bulletin board.

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