Big M Report

After taking most of September off a group of us headed to Free Soil to ride up to the Big M outer loop, ride that and then head back to Free Soil. The 36-mile ride would give us some much needed time in the saddle and for me assess where I was at fitness-wise for the Iceman. The Free Soil section between FS road and River Road is in pretty good shape. There are a couple of trees down along the way, but, given the fact that there are a LOT of trees (out there in the forest, shocking) it’s not too bad. The Outer Loop on the other hand has more timber down, all small stuff, that I’ve ever seen. Apparently the rest of the state took September off too. We had one near-death derailleur hang-up, one guy had to ride back with no rear brakes because his wheel was a little catty-wampus, but he’s tough, and lucky the derailleur snapped back into place. I’ve never been that lucky…

It was pretty cool to start, 34 degrees, and 55 when we finished. Hard to dress. Brought everything but the kitchen sink, wore the lightest of the light so I could disrobe along the way. The only thing that I really took off was the glove covers so I could work the brakes and shifters.

The fall color is just starting to hit, maybe 20%, the next two weekends should be fantastic. The trails, with all the rain we’ve had, are in pretty good shape as far as sand pits go.

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